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Helps to restore the correct functioning and body alignment favouring better biomechanics.


-Back pain: lumbago, cervicalgia, dorsalgia

-Discopathies: herniated discs, profusions

-Sciatica and Sciaatalgia

-Neuralgias and entrapments: carpal tunnel syndrome

-Joint problems

-TMJ (Temporomandibular joint)

-Migraines, headaches, vertigo

-Menstrual and gynaecological disorders

-Consequences of falls, traumatisms and accidents

-Digestive disorders: dyspepsia, acidity, hiatal hernia

-Stress, fatigue

Osteopathy for infants and children

-Irritability and excessive crying

-Infantile colic, gas, gastroesophageal reflux

-Neonatal torticollis

-Cranial alterations due to forceps or vacuum cups

-Infant developmental deficits


-Postural adjustments and prevention of biomechanical disorders


-Acute and chronic pain

-Back and spinal pain

-Strains, muscular injuries

-Joint pain, shoulder, knee, ankle

-Sports injuries



-Traumatisms and accidents


-Readjustment to exertion

-Postural rehabilitation

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

-Incontinencia urinaria de esfuerzo y urgencia

-Incontinencia fecal

-Urgencia urinaria y fecal


-Urinary incontinence of stress and urgency

-Faecal incontinence

-Urinary and faecal urgency



-Pelvic organ prolapse

-Pudendal neuralgia

-Lumbopelvic pain

-Chronic pelvic pain

-Post abdominal and gynaecological surgery

-Sexual dysfunction

Women’s Health and Gynaecology


-Pre-and post-natal care

-Scars resulting from gynaecological surgery: hysterectomy, tears, episiotomy

-Dyspareunia and sexual dysfunction



-Premenstrual syndrome

-Uterine malpositions

-Hormonal disturbances


-Lumbopelvic and lumbosacral pain


-Stress and nervous system disorders



-Regulation of the vagus system

-Acute and chronic pain

-Joint pain

-Headache: migraine, vertigo, dizziness

-Tremors, tics



-Disturbances of the digestive system

-Constipation and diarrhoea

-Autoimmune pathology


-Chronic pain


-Skin problems

–Chronic fractures

-Recurrent tendinopathies

-Poor recovery of tissues after trauma or surgery

-Stress and chronic fatigue


The human body, like all living organisms, is capable of adapting, defending itself and self-correcting in the event of traumatic emotional, toxic, viral, microbacterial or environmental damage. When the damage is greater than the organism’s ability to defend itself, the vitality of the affected tissue will be altered, giving rise to local or global manifestations and symptoms.

Microkinesitherapy, through a specific manual palpatory technique, looks for signs of these aggressions in the different tissues of the organism, with the aim of stimulating the repair and self-correction mechanisms of these tissues and the recognition by the organism of the damage.

Esta técnica nos ayuda a evacuar estrés de todo tipo como emocional, ambiental, tóxico, traumatico… Acumulado en los distintos tejidos y sistemas del oprganismo, ayudando a este a recuperar su equilibrio y bienestar.

This technique helps us to relieve stress of all kinds, such as emotional, environmental, toxic, traumatic… Accumulated in the different tissues and systems of the organism, helping it to recover its balance and wellbeing. Indicated for pathologies of the nervous system, chronic pain, digestive problems, insomnia, stress and many others. A gentle and non-aggressive technique, it can be performed at any age.

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